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"We love the God we cannot see by loving and serving our neighbor, who we can see."

Forgiveness and Reconciliation 

I want to talk about forgiveness with reconciliation.
I think there’s a lot of confusion in churches surrounding these topics.
I hope to clear some of that up.

Forgiveness is all about your response to someone who’s wronged you.
It’s about letting go of your desire for revenge.
It’s about releasing your anger, and seeking a life of peace.
Forgiveness depends only on you.

Reconciliation depends, to a great extent, on the other person.
Are they willing to acknowledge the wrong they did to you?
Are they willing to promise not to do it again?
Are they willing to do what they can to make amends?
Reconciliation requires that the answer to all three of those questions needs to be, “Yes.”
Sometimes the other person just isn’t willing to do their part.
If that’s the case, then reconciliation isn’t possible, no matter how much you’ve forgiven.

You can forgive someone truly, deeply, from the bottom of your heart, and still recognize that reconciliation has not occurred, and might never occur.
That’s because forgiveness is about what you can control (you), and reconciliation is partially about something that you can’t control (the other person’s response).

So, don’t confuse forgiveness and reconciliation.
The two are not the same.

And don’t let anyone else buffalo you into confusing those things either.
Pastors in the Christian Church, and well-meaning Christians are positively famous for doing this. It’s one of the reasons why, for example, so many Christians tell even severely abused spouses to stay in their marriages. “You have to forgive them. It’s what Jesus would want.”


Uh, no.
What Jesus would want is for you to leave that abuser, get to a safe place, and find true healing for your body and mind so that you can eventually get to a place of forgiveness that will set you free, no matter what your ex-spouse goes on to do or not do.

I don’t know the hurts you’ve faced.
I don’t know whether or not reconciliation is possible with the one who wronged you.
But I do know that reconciliation isn’t necessary for you to find healing.
It’s not necessary for you to be a better, stronger, happier person.
And it’s not necessary for you to forgive the one who wronged you.

Reconciliation depends to a great extent on the other person.
Sometimes, sadly, they’re just not willing to do their part.
In that case, you need to do what you have to do to protect yourself from further harm.
That might mean that you just can’t have a relationship with that person anymore.

But forgiveness depends on you, and on you alone.
You can forgive no matter what the other person does.
And when you do, you can find a great measure of peace.


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