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St. Paul has many programs and projects that impact the local community as well as the greater world beyond our neighborhood. Involvement with anyone of these is a great opportunity to show Christ’s love to others. 

  • Community Meal: Supported by other Berea churches, civic organizations, and a generous grant from the ELCA we offer 2 hot meals every month. The 2nd Wednesday and the last Wednesday of each month at 5:00 PM. Currently these meals are delivered to your car as take outs. All are welcome.

  • Free Will Food Box: Located outside of Door #2 is a brown food box accessible to all. Non-perishable food can be placed in the box at any time for those who need it. If you have extra, please give.  If you are in need, please take. 

  • Habitat for Humanity: This program provides decent, affordable housing to dramatically change a family's life. The cycle of poverty is broken, health, physical safety and security improve, educational and job prospects increase, a sense of stability and dignity grows and money is freed up for other essential needs. Many of our members work on local building projects. 


  • Redeemer Crisis Center: is a ministry serving low income families with meals and the necessities of life. Located on the near west side. We help serve meals, pack groceries and have an ongoing clothing collection. Contact the office if you would like to help. 

  • Sheep & Goats: This is a project to collect an extra offering in response to the challenge in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25. “Whatever you did for the least of these …”. A different social concern is chosen every month and all donations for the month go there. Recipients have included Lutheran Metro Ministry, Habitat For Humanity, Providence House, and others.

  • Support for Providence House: Providence house is one of the nation's oldest operating crisis nurseries offering emergency shelter and care to children who are actively at risk for abuse and neglect due to family crisis.

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